I am a specialist in voice & breath -


and I am a re-educator. I have taught actors, singers, dancers, lecturers, cricketers and broadcasters, but I especially enjoy working with ordinary people who need to win their daily lives back from illness, disability or injury.

I give workshops for other Alexander teachers and trainee teachers, for music professionals, voice and acting students, health professionals and other interested groups. I also give masterclasses, speak at seminars and conferences and adjudicate in competitions.


lessons with me

I teach the Alexander Technique, MDH Breathing Coordination, and vocal technique for singers and speakers. Voice lessons are recorded or filmed allowing each student to review and assimilate their learning. I can offer 'pure' lessons in any of these disciplines, or may draw on all these resources and more, to support you in your development, skill and wellbeing. 

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Lesson rates & schedule

I give private lessons at my studio in Normandy and in the nearby town of Coutances. I also visit London and Paris to teach periodically. I offer voice masterclasses for singers and for speakers, and am available to speak at seminars and conferences and to sit on adjudicating panels for competitions.  

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