For over thirty years I have worked in the music world as a singer and, later, a voice teacher. I moved to Oxford in 2006 to train as a teacher of the Alexander Technique with Stephen Cooper. I discovered the Technique back in the 1980s, when joint pain had put an end to my first career as a violinist in London, and so knew the work from many years of lessons.

Soon after graduating as an A.T. teacher I began working in hospices, and found the relationship between the patients’ manner of breathing and their levels of pain and anxiety to be a rich area of exploration. After studying privately in New York for a while with Lynn Martin, I trained with Lynn and with Robin de Haas in Lausanne to become a practitioner of MDH Breathing Coordination, a development of the discipline established by Carl Stough in America.

Alongside my private teaching and therapeutic practice I continue to work as a singer, performing regularly with The Royal Opera and other opera companies, and in concerts, recordings, radio and films. Until recently I was Dean of Faculty and teacher of Voice and A.T. for an annual summer program training young American actors to perform Shakespeare on stage. I now live in northern France with my husband, where we have established a centre for retreats, growth and learning in Normandy.

Really enjoyed the workshop... and’s quite transformative, I look better, I look younger and livelier. It’s most interesting. Frankly, it makes me feel better as well.”
— M. S., teacher of the Alexander Technique